Choosing A Meaningful Concept

Craig Meklir Hawaii,,,

Although deciding what to paint can be a difficult task, a few simple steps I took to choose Hawaii as my painting’s concept can help solve this artistic conundrum.

As instilled in me by a childhood friend turned accomplished interior designer, artwork should be rooted in a meaningful idea.  Therefore, deriving a concept for my painting was my first task, and I took a few steps to get there.  I looked at the rooms throughout my aunt’s home to understand her design style.  I asked her for photos of paintings she loves to understand her artistic taste and, after she researched art on,, and, she emailed me several works of art to consider.  I asked her what she enjoys most in life and she told me fresh air, fitness, relaxation, and Hawaii topped her list.  A fun, colorful, Hawaiian theme I thought – and my aunt agreed – would make for a meaningful painting.