Do You Want To Look Behind The Canvas?

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Do you wonder how artists come up with ideas for their art or what they go through when making it?  Are you interested in making art but do not know where to begin, possibly because you (like me) do not possess formal art training?  The aim of this blog is to provide art enthusiasts an increased awareness of the creative artistic process and to provide individuals interested in making art some useful guidance.

A few months ago, I made a large abstract painting in an art class at a local community college.  Upon the painting’s completion, I shipped the 4 foot by 5 foot red, gray, and beige modern painting to my aunt and, after hanging it in her home, the painting brought more style and color to her already sophisticated and beautifully appointed living room.  To view the painting in my aunt’s home, go to:–other-metro.

My aunt asked me two important questions that would keep me busy for a number of weeks.  She asked me to make her another abstract painting and I enrolled in a second art class to get started.  She also asked what inspired my last painting and what it was like to make it.  Although her question was specifically aimed at me, she was alluding to her long held desire to better understand what’s behind art and the artist’s creative process.  In attempting to answer those questions for her and others longing to get a glimpse of one “artist’s” perspective, in the series of blog posts that follow, I provide a detailed look at the production of my next abstract painting, from beginning to end.