Getting Started Painting The Canvas

Craig Meklir Jackson Pollock,

Although it may seem I have this painting all planned out and can execute it flawlessly, it will evolve in terms of colors, shapes, and brushstrokes.  I’ll make mistakes, make changes on the fly, and get frustrated. Fortunately, because I am doing the work in an art class, my teacher will offer excellent guidance along the way!

Even still, I’ll continue to fear my painting will not turn out great or to the liking of my aunt who asked me to make it.  I find solace in a four minute documentary video of Jackson Pollock, located at, in which Pollock demonstrates his drip art technique and acknowledges even he “loses a painting.”  

In terms of my own painting, as illustrated in the picture below, I applied a base coat to several shapes which will ensure the white canvas does not appear when the final painting is complete.  I started with the orange.  Employing a lesson I learned from my art teacher, I mixed a touch of blue paint to the orange paint to make the orange less bright.  Next I painted the brown, followed by the blue.  

And that’s as far as I was able to go in two-and-a-half hours.  Class over and clean up time!
Painting At the End of My First Art Class