Moving From Concept To Composition

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Although, as discussed in my previous blog post, selecting Hawaii as the concept behind my painting was an important accomplishment, significant work remained to execute the idea.  This post describes my next steps, including performing research and composing sketches into a composition.  More importantly, this post also offers a framework others can use when unsure how to carry out their own artistic ideas.

To narrow in on items for my painting, I researched the internet for photos of Hawaiian landscapes, sea life, waves, volcanoes, beaches, musical instruments, and tropical drinks.  I found excellent photos on which can be viewed at  I also found the Hawaiian Visitors and Convention Bureau’s website located at many other great photos of Hawaii.


I sketched a photo of a flower, snorkel mask, wave, tropical drink, and small guitar.  The flower, snorkel mask, and wave represent Hawaii’s lush land, rich marine life, and dangerous tide, while the tropical drink and guitar symbolize vacation and Hawaiian music and culture.  The purpose of these sketches, and as illustrated below, was not to render perfect representations of the photos but to create interesting shapes for a composition.
Tropical Drink
Snorkel Mask