“Night, Dawn, Day”: A Painting of Elie Wiesel

Craig Meklir Uncategorized

My painting of Elie Wiesel titled Night, Dawn, Day is finished!

The painting was inspired by a photo featured in a 2012 Chicago Magazine article by photographer Sergey Bermeniev. I thought Bermeniev’s photo evoked a sense of purpose I hoped to convey in the painting.

For the painting’s background, I loosely copied Mark Chagall’s 1943 painting, “Dans Mons Pays.” The Chagall night scene pays homage to Wiesel’s autobiographical book, “Night,” a detailed account of Wiesel’s holocaust experience. Chagall painted Don Mon Pays while his family was in exile in the United States and while Wiesel was imprisoned in Auschwitz.

Across the top of the painting are the numbers A-7713 and 123565. These were Wiesel’s prisoner identification numbers that correspond to his time in Auschwitz and Buchenwald. The numbers were provided by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center.